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What a bizarre title I here you ask; however, I know that Reiki is exactly what is needed if you are going through a Divorce or you have been through one and you are still living with the pain of separation (no one is immune from this).  

How do I know this, well I am a divorcee (that said, I am now thankfully married to a beautiful woman who is my soul mate) and recently I realized that if you have every been through a Divorce how much anger, hostility and pain you retain (no matter which side or parties are involved).  I might add that I have dealt with all of this and it wasn't until I was speaking to someone that I know yesterday did it suddenly hit me how much Reiki can help.

If you recall or didn't know, three of the founding principles in Reiki are "Today I will not worry" and "Today I will not anger" and "Today I will count my many blessings"; underpinning all of this of course is the Reiki energy.  We hold so much within ourselves in our Chakra centres and it doesn't take very much to throw them off.  Re-balancing the Chakra's can once again give you clarity and peace; I know that you may not believe this but it does.  It also starts you down the road of self healing.   My own Divorce wasn't pretty and I just wish that I could have found Reiki back then; that said I don't think that I would have been able to help now.

So if you are going through the torment of a Divorce, why not look for a registered Reiki Teacher/Practitioner today and regain yourself back again.  They say a leopard can never change it's spots; I don't believe this and I know that it can.

Don't take my word on this; try it first and let me know.

Love and light,

Glenn x

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