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My cousin’s wife has been suffering for a long while with Fibromyalgia (a widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder for which the cause of pain is still unknown) and I didn’t know until recently.  To date I have not had a client who suffers with this complaint, so you can imagine as a Reiki Master Teacher I needed to know if any of my peers had used Reiki and what their success rate was like.  So I posted a comment on the Linkedin Group – Reiki and Mediumship Combined and Reiki Healers Worldwide.

Firstly, I was stunned by the response and I would like to personally thank Christine Moss, Janice Chin-Worme, Susan Shining Light Healing, Roberta R Barnes, Walter Harris, Connie Patton, Carolyn Maloney, Joanna Serpanos, Tricia Lyle-Stirling and many others who responded.

Secondly, here is what I found out.  Most of the comments came back with a positive response to Reiki being used to help alleviate and in some cases eradicate the pain over a period of time.  That said, I must balance this statement against some things which need to be addresses in addition to the Reiki sessions.  The root cause of many of the sufferers anguish and pain seemed to be one of two things:

1. Stress – We all know that stress is a major part of our life and how we deal with this issue depends on what our body, aura and soul hold onto.  All of the comments which came back pointed to stress or the holding onto stress as the major issue.  By using Reiki on a regular basis we can rebalance the chakra energy centres, relax the client and help them to release the stress on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels.  Also, on several occasions it appears that the practitioners have actually taught the client to use Reiki themselves.

2. Diet – Another common area seemed to be where sugar and wheat were incorporated into the diet so when these items were cut-out (check with your Doctor first) things improved.  In addition, (again please check with your Doctor) Malic Acid with Magnesium by Solary was used.

I sincerely hope that this blog helps you if you suffer with Fibromyalgia and please feel free to reach out to me or my peers if we can help further.

Love and light,

Glenn x

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