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Thanks very much for a client of mine who wrote these lovely words:

Reiki Treatment Poem

My first Reiki treatment and what was I to expect,
I hadn’t been feeling that great, low and flat,
So I was greeted with kindness and put at ease,
As I lay down on the treatment table and closed my eyes to his "please".

I remember now the smell of incense in the air and candle light aglow,
But it wasn’t long before I started to relax and let go,
I felt the healing hands gently touch my shoulder,
Listening to the soft music I remember feeling so much older.

So as the time went by I sensed a lot of changes,
I wasn’t sure what to expect as I'd been so tense for ages,
The heat, the images, the floating sensation
I know that time was moving but I had no clue or impression. 

To my dismay I was told quietly that the session was over,
I felt light, slightly mellow, maybe unbelieving and also even a little younger,
How did I feel and why was I different and could I have that peace again,
I drank some water and sat there for a while taking it all in.

Could I come again I asked with a smile,
A quizzical look came back to me with the words why don’t you wait and see how you feel in while,
So I said goodbye and thanks very much,
I sat in my car for a while because I just felt so good and I pondered why everyone didn’t do this as I know that they should.





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