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Reiki, Pilates and Meditation Happy New Year everyone.

During my time-out from conducting Reiki sessions I have found a new inner peace when meditating by combining Reiki Healing, Pilates and Meditation in that order.  It may also be a co-incidence that my meditations are deeper because Santa (yes I still believe) brought me a bamboo meditation stool for Christmas.  

Now why am I sharing this with you?  Well, I've been searching for a long time to try and deepen my meditational state and try as I may I've never been able to get that deep until now.  My gut feeling here is that I am first of all balancing my energy centres and addressing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual elements and thereby lining myself up for the next bit.  

The Pilates then allows my body to stretch and my core is pulling out any residual elements of anything that is left. Finally, the meditating then becomes so much easier as my whole being is ready for it.  My breathing is controlled and my attention is on one thing and that's just being in the peace and light.

Now this probably won't work for everyone; however, I would be interested in whether this works for you or not?  If it does then I may teach this is I can.  

Add something else to my list; becoming a Pilates teacher! I am genuinely interested in what you think so please do come back to me as any constructive feedback is always good.

Anyway, I leave you now and whilst I am still on my sabbatical from conducting Reiki for others I hope that this 2014 brings you the inner peace that you are searching for.

Love, light and happiness. Glenn x

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