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Hi there,

So do you have Reiki in your life?  You will know if you do but what if you don't?  What are you missing out on and why should it be important to you?

Reiki for me is not just one thing and we will explore what it means to me shortly.  Sadly though, it's now being pigeon-holed into the box of an holistic therapy that helps reduce stress!  Why, because it can't be proven to work; yes you heard it here that scientifically Reiki has been put down as non-sense for years.  Does it matter though if scientifically it can't be proved.  For instance I know that a Million Pound exists, but, have I seen it but I trust that it does.

If you imagine a person doing the Tree position in yoga, they have to have a really good core to enable them to hold the position for a long time - try it if you don't believe me.  Reiki is a bit like this; linked to your Chakras (energy centres) if these are out of balance then you are not aligned and at risk of dis-ease!  I know this myself when I haven't meditated or given myself a Reiki treatment that I feel out of kilter and that's how you should know that you are missing out on Reiki. 

The picture up above shows you the main Chakras that exist but there are more.  However, if you are a novice at this then it's a great place to start to appreciate it.

Outside of the Chakras, there's also the basic premise of wanting to do good.  Also, being a Reiki Practitioner/Master/Psychic or Medium isn't about going to parties and performing!  It is fundamentally the desire to help those energies around you that need help.  You will notice that I don't reference people above; why I hear you ask?  Please consider what the human body, animals, plants the earth is comprised off?  The answer is that we are made up of cells, tissues etc that is held together by energy.  Therefore, consider that if our energy cells are not balanced what happens.  A good metaphor is to look at your car when the engine is not finely tuned - what happens?  Invariably if left for a period of time it breaks down.....  I can put it any more plainly than this.

So coming back to our questions at the start you know should know if you have Reiki in your life.  In addition, you may be able to spot other energies around you that need it too.

Thank you very much for reading this Blog and as always I am open to answer questions so please drop me a line.

Kind regards,


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