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As you can probably gather I have embraced the modern culture of the internet and I am personally not afraid of standing behind my beliefs; however, I must let you know that we really do need to be careful when mixing what you do in work versus out!

I have learned that the internet is a powerful tool and I love the fact that you can reach out to so many people around the world; however, I have learned that sometimes this can come back to bite you.  

People can use what you put on the internet to disadvantage you and poke fun at what it is that you do; they do it through ignorance I think as they unfortunately don't look at the context of the article or the 'You Tube' clip (you will have noticed that I have taken mine down from the site now because of this which I think is really sad; I'm already hearing lots of you saying "why did you do that!")

So the message today is to be careful of what you do and how you do it.  You see the modern life still holds Reiki and Mediumship as taboo; even in the UK the government have now stipulated that in order to teach Reiki you need to have formally taken a teaching course.  

This for me is no big deal as I can see the benefits of doing this; however, I just don't have the time to stop and do another course; as a result this now means that people are looking for accredited teachers.  

Anyway, I know that one day i will do this but just not now. Another area that you need to be cognisant of is the question of practicing Reiki on yourself; this is a key area that I forget to do.  

It's the classic tale of a person who is happy to pass Reiki onto others but forgets themselves.  Sadly, as a result I ran across this recently on Facebook; my cousin was telling me that he had 'Man Flu' (you know that deadly epidemic that cripples us guys); now I find that when I am ill I cannot treat myself so I mistakenly put on FB that I have been ill for 21 days!  

Yes you did hear that right and my cousins wife wrote back to say 'should you practice Reiki on yourself; LMAO'.  Of course she's right but again she used it to make fun as I had previously tried to encourage her to see a Reiki practitioner. So my friends I leave you with just these final words; watch what you put on the internet if you have a professional day job and don't forget to give yourself Reiki if you are a practicing professional.

Love and light always, Glenn x

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