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Wow - what the heck is Glenn going on about now I hear you ask? 

Well have you ever come across people who when you speak to them or are in their environment that you instantly feel drained at the end of the conversation or being around that person - well there you have it, they are Emotional Vampires (EV's). 

The ironic thing that happens is that they end up feeling great and you end up a shrivelled wreck on the floor and depleted; okay maybe a bit of poetic licence going on now Glenn cut it out!  It's true though and this happens and I've been exposed to this too.

So if you are slightly sensitive like me you have to work really hard with EV's otherwise they will drain out your energy and reduce your light.  How I hear you ask; well it's kinda linked to my previous blog on protection but there's also a bit of common sense that goes on here too. 

Okay Glenn so what do you do when you meet an EV?  Well I enhance my protection straight away and I recognise that I'm in their presence.  The next thing that I do is to not tolerate (and I do mean tolerate) them sucking the life our of my duracell battery; this is simple and with the highest good and intention you listen once.  But if this starts to go on and on then this is your queue to get out of their environment straight away and let them find someone else to target! 

Seriously it's as simple as that otherwise all of their problems will suddenly become yours and before you know it you are starting to feel down, negative and drained. EV's don't know what they are doing and you can guarantee that they are the first one to ring you up when they want to recharge. 

So there you have it and please have a look at who's around you and if you look hard enough you will see the EV's and hopefully avoid them unless of course you are related, married to them or they are your best friend!

Love and light, Glenn x

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