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What a strange title you might ask and why is Glenn raising this? 

Just recently my eldest daughter called me up and said Dad I had this really bad experience last night where I thought that there was a dark energy in my bedroom and why did it happen?  I know there's probably a lot of jokes about that out there so I thought I would raise this first and foremost. However, we started to talk about psychic and mediumship ability and how sometimes spirit energies can latch onto you because they are attracted to a certain energy or frequency levels. 

You see everyone is born psychic but not every one is mediumistic.

My daughter did the right thing in the end and she told the spirit energy to leave the house! Now I know that I told you earlier that spirit energies are attracted to certain energy or frequency levels and if you are aware of your own psychic and or mediumship abilities then you should be aware that you are a prime candidate for the sort of experiences that my daugher had.

No doubt you are now asking yourself "so what can I do about it?"  One thing to know is that depending on how you advanced you are is depending on how much thought process you put in here.  So if you are new to all of this and have been troubled by this then the first thing that I would ask you to do is:

1. Close your eyes and imagine that you roots growing from the bottom of your feet that reach down into the floor and anchor yourself to a point well below yourself.  This technique is called "grounding" and pretty much as it says this is keeping you locked to the earth so that you are not being pulled up by other energy levels.

2. The second bit still with your eyes shut is to imagine a beautiful while light coming from your solar plexus that surrounds your whole body, other people imagine themselves stepping into a banana skin and zipping it up so that you are fully enclosed etc or putting a cape on.  When you have finished this and it can be a quick thing to do then just speak aloud to whichever god or belief that you have and ask for "divine protection so that only the highest and best energies are allowed to affect you if it be for the highest good".

3. To take this stage further you could also buy a crystal but to be honest there's really no need as the first two points should be enough. Therefore, if you ever feel that you need to re-enforce this then just repeat the process. 

There is just one further bit that I would add to this and that would be to shower (I know you think I've lost it), but a shower works as a great cleanser of negative energy. 

When you have finished repeat the exercise and carry on. 

The best time to do the above is first thing in the morning, last thing at night and when you are lastly feeling a bit down. The further along the journey you are the less you will think about this, but to be honest I still ask for the proection just in case and even moreso before I work.

I sincerely hope that the above has been useful for you and if you need any further help you know how to reach me. Stay safe and well.

Love and light, Glenn x

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